Sunday, July 15th Fishing Trip begins at the Letter J Walkover at Johnson’s Beach (I choose letter J because it’s the last walkover and the closest one to the Pensacola Pass at the end of the beach – which is miles down but the closer I can get to it the better fishing in my mind)

I get my fish pole baited up with shrimp and in the water.  I move on to setting up my second pole and before I can finish my fishing pole is dancing with one of these Ladyfish/Skip Jack hooked.  I can’t keep my poles in the water and end up with these three fish quickly.

I also catch this lil’ ground mullet, aka southern kingfish.

And then the seaweed picks up 😦

My final catch, a Seaweed Shark.  It is just too much seaweed to continue fishing.  So . . .


I resort to some body surfing, aka body boarding! 🙂

  1. If you ever drown yourself trying to make a blog video, I’ll be really mad. 🙂 Otherwise, I’m glad you had a good time at the beach. (I notice you left the part out about murdering a fish….)

    • jtcalaway says:

      I’ll keep the madness I would incur from you if I drown myself in mind next time 😉 Thanks for keeping me honest about the fish. I let two of the Ladyfish and the lil Ground Mullet go free but did use a Ladyfish for bait.

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