Morning Beach Fishing Trip

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Fishing Tales
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On Thursday I read in the Hook Line and Sinker Section of the Pensacola News Journal that Pompanos and whiting are being caught early morning in the surf.  My wife had to be up early for work on Saturday morning, like well-before-the-sun-dethrones the-moon-from-reigning-over-the-landscape early.  So, I decided to get up when she did and head to Perdido Key for some beach surf fishing action.


Three of my four fishing poles set up

I got to the beach and was greeted by a warm morning (overnight low was only in the 50’s) and a gulf with choppy waves (probably two to three feet) and a strong current (from the light east breeze and waves I’m guessing).  I got three of my four poles set up and the lines in the water but the current was just too strong to effectively fish.  One of my lines started straight out in front of me, was picked up by the current, and placed back on the beach!  I did catch one little whiting purely by accident!

I decided to move down the beach and then moved down even farther, hoping to get out of the current and not wanting to waste my trip to the beach .  I finally found my spot a little after daybreak.


Sunrise at the beach


My four poles set up

Once I got set up the fish started rolling in . . .


16 inch Pompano

My peeled shrimp on a double drop leader also produced a nice sized Whiting, the biggest I’ve personally caught before, measuring in around 20 inches.


My second Pompano, around 15 inches

I also brought in a monster-for-me catfish, big (well over 16 inches), fat and ugly!  I’ve heard old wives tales that it’s not a good idea to eat catfish out of the gulf so I released it.  I need to do some research and find out if that’s true so I don’t waste potential meat in the future.


My fishing companion (waiting for my scraps)

My final catch of the day was the oddest.  A group of seagulls flew over and one of them got tangled in my fishing line.  I dropped the pole to the ground to give it slack and allow the gull to free itself.  It couldn’t.  I watched as a wave pummeled the helpless seagull into the surf.  So, I quickly pulled it up on shore by me.  It lay docilely there waiting to be helped.  I stroked its wing and went to work.  The fishing line had wrapped itself in a knot around its wing and for good measure back around the gull’s whole body.  I freed it and it happily flew away.


Poor seagull all tied up

For what started out as a seemingly awful fishing trip, I had a wonderful time and came home to my wife with six filets from three nice-sized fish!


My catches


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