Taught about life from tennis

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Life
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Thursday my wife and I took advantage of unseasonably warm weather and played a friendly game at our apartment’s tennis court.  I’m a total novice at tennis (played once as a kid and hit the ball out of the tennis court like a baseball home run but not much since then) and therefore had to slowly learn the intricacies of the game with my wife patiently helping me (and chasing down my misguided returns).

After a few such returns, I noticed that when a ball came my way I would excitedly, quickly swing, resulting in the ball being pulled all over the place.  So, I started to fight my urge to prematurely swing.  I set my feet, cocked my racket and waited for the ball.  In doing so my returns gradually became less erratic and a little more smooth and calculated.  Sadly, at that point my body and specifically my wrists were tiring and giving in so my quest to become a tennis pro had to wait for another day.

The difference between when I prematurely hit the ball and when I held back and hit it more intentionally was startling.  I talked with the Lord about it and realized I need to do the same thing I had just learned in my actual life.  Quite often I assume I know what someone is trying to say to me and quickly respond (including laughing at or being scared by things in movies before they actually happen, and when I’m off it’s very embarrassing), jump to conclusions about situations and draw extreme finding (not to the level of the Mayans saying the world is going to end but pretty close), or excitedly and quickly jump into complex discussions and conflict situations before thinking things through.  I’m trying more intentionally to hold back, set my feet mentally, prepare a response (with help from the Lord, my wise wife and others) and wait for the right moment to swing.

Proverbs 18:13 NLT “Spouting off before listening to the facts is both shameful and foolish”


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