Fishing Failure

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Fishing Tales
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Saturday seemed like the perfect day to go fishing.  I had heard that quite a few different kinds of fish are being caught on the beaches now (Sheepshead, Pompano, Red Fish and Black Drum – a fish I have never caught).  I excitedly looked at the weather and tide forecast for the rest of the week.  Saturday the tide would be coming up in the afternoon, the temperature would be comfortable and the wind would be out of the south / southeast.  So, I sectioned off Saturday to seek some fish!

Me at the windy beach

Me at the windy beach

Saturday a very blustery side-shore wind kicking up waves and causing a strong current greeted me.  I threw out a test line to see if fishing was a possibility.  I could feel the weight skipping on the sea flooras the current pulled my bait down the beach.  I relocated and tried again in two other spots to no avail.  I decided right then and there to not only check the tide and weather but also the wind speed, current and wave prediction before deciding to section of a Saturday for fish seeking.

Then, I decided to at least take advantage of being out at the beach before leaving.  I made sure my pants were rolled up and took a leisurely walk in the surf. My mind relaxed and wandered in thought and prayer.  I felt some needed reassurances that the Lord will lead me through the many new things going on in my life.  I also noticed some beautiful sights like seagulls chilling, herons dive bombing fish out in the gulf and sea foam resembling the foaminess at the top of root beer floats!

Fishing failure but fun nonetheless.

Looks like root beer float foam!

Looks like root beer float foam!


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