IMG_1830Our firstborn is transitioning from prostrate crawling to upright walking. Adorably, he’ll put out his hands for balance and waddle around. Other times he’ll hold one of his stuffed animals (he loves his stuffed anaconda snake) or an empty bucket for what appears to be his idea of balance. If there’s something on the other side of the room that he really wants, he will waddle on his own. I watch it all as one proud daddy! He prefers to hold my hand, though, and makes that abundantly clear to me by reaching / stretching out his cute lil hand in my direction. I know I should encourage him to walk on his own, but I’m a sucker!

IMG_1836When he is holding my hand or preferable to him both of my hands, he struts around like he owns the entire world. He confidently goes under, through and over anything in front of him. He’ll end up playing in a hamper of clean clothes, reaching on his tippy toes to tickle piano keys, or opening and closing our front door (over and over again, ha!). My recent favorite was when he scaled a rock about five feet high at a splash pad so he could get to the water fountains on the top. With my hands in his, he is fearless.

In my adult life, it’s easy to waddle around doing the routine of things I am comfortable doing. Father God is in the midst of it proudly watching me. I need to be aware and willing to take His hand when He offers it, though. Then, with the Creator of the Universe holding my hand and guiding me, I can be fearless as we go anywhere He is able to lead me.

Isaiah 41:13 NIV, “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you”


Walking the Atlantic coast at Amelia Island, FL (during a work / vacation trip)



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