Short history . . . I grew up in Michigan (yuppers, a Yoda liking yankee am I), moved to Pensacola, FL, in 1998 to attend the Brownsville Revival and Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, graduated in 2000, did missionary work in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, South India, in 2001, served as associate/youth pastor in Bullard, TX, in 2002, did more missionary work in Mussoorie, Uttaranchal, North India in 2004-2005, moved back to Pensacola, FL, where I served as youth pastoring at Bellview A/G August 2004 up until September 2013. Currently, I’m happily married to my wife of 5+ years and selling Medicare insurance. We have one child, Daniel James Calaway, with another one on the way.

Statistics . . . Born Oct 12, 19 huh chew, in Michigan (GO WOLVERINES), grew up in the tiny town of Harrison (center of your hand for Michigander Directions) and went to Harrison High School GO HHS Hornets!).  Graduated from North Atlantic Regional High School (Umbrella school for home schoolers) in 1998 and from the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry with an A.A. in Practical Ministry in 2000.

I am a . . . Jesus Follower . . . Husband . . . Surf Fisherman


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