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If the Bible is all about Jesus, our lives should be, too.

For the past few months, I have been working on a course called A Study in the Book of Hebrews. Last weekend I pounded out a twelve page research paper entitled Contribution of the Book of Hebrews to our Understanding of Christ in the New Testament. Sounds technical, maybe like reading a phone book, huh? I began the paper with the following:

The Bible is a single work made up of sixty-six different books penned by at least thirty-nine authors over a period of 1500 years (Christadelphians 2015, under “A Divine Library” para. 2). Such an impressively large work could easily cover an equally impressive amount of topics. In Jesus in all the Books of the Bible, Iain Gordon and Brett Wilton (2016) explain, “The Bible is about Jesus. He is pictured or prophesied about in each of the 66 Bible books” (main chart). W.A. Criswell (2014) in his book The Scarlet Thread through the Bible takes it farther by illustrating, “There is a scarlet thread that runs throughout the Bible and it is the binding that holds the pages of the Scripture together. That great scarlet thread is redemption through Jesus Christ” (49).

I go on to say the threads of Christ that run throughout the Bible converge at a crossroad in Hebrews, where the author weaves thought threads similar and unique to other New Testament authors together to form a marvelous portrait of Christ. At this point of transition in the paper, a different, personal angle hit me. The entire Bible, cover to cover, is about Jesus either in overt ways like the Gospels or subtle ways like allusions to Him in the Pentateuch. I can picture a proud Father God crafting all of human history and infusing the Scriptures with Jesus, saying, “It’s all about my Son.” If God is our example, our benchmark, our standard, and he makes everything about His Son, shouldn’t we as believers make everything about His Son, too? Unless we are called to, I don’t mean abandoning our earthly possessions and turning to a life of monasticism in a mountain cave (monk-hood). I do mean that our lives in overt ways (our social life, events we attend, things we say, work ethic, etc.) and subtle ways (family life, how we spend our free time, our thought life, etc.) should all point to Jesus.
I can be an example of how Jesus Himself would act at my “secular” job. I can attend church and volunteer in ministry as Christ would. I can welcome foster children who need a safe and secure place to stay into our home like my Savior would. I can be a husband, brother, son, and father, like the Lord would. I can relax and have fun with my family and friends like my Best Friend did after creating the world in six days. I want my life to be Christ centered so that a total stranger could be able to follow me through a normal day with full access to my outward life and inward self and see Jesus overtly and subtly. As Christians, we are called to nothing less.


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