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A few Saturdays ago I pulled into Winn Dixie and slowed at the crosswalk in front of the store to let a teenaged mentally handicapped boy (looked to have down syndrome) slowly and with much effort push his cart through the crosswalk.  Behind him a guy stood showering this boy with smiles and encouragement. With that motivation behind him, the boy valiantly struggled to push his cart.

I whispered a prayer that the Lord would heal the boy.

Just then I noticed a lady standing by a car on the other side of the crosswalk.  She opened her arms wide and loving encouraged the boy.  It appeared that she was with the guy across the way, a couple taking time out of their day to be with and encourage this handicapped boy.  The whole scene warmed my heart and made me smile.

Then, I heard the Lord whisper to me, “Maybe he’s more healed than you think”