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Me in the fitness center

Me in the fitness center

I make use of the free fitness center at our apartment complex (well, “free” as much as it is included in our monthly rent).  Last week a pungent odor (something like a well used middle school gym locker room that hasn’t been ventilated in a very long time) greeted me there.  Phew!  Apparently, the normal smell of activity in the room wasn’t being replaced and refreshed by outside air.  The staggering smell left me searching for solutions.  I came up with turning on fans, leaving the door open and looking to open the windows.

For me in life it’s easy to settle into rhythms of routine that end up becoming ruts.  It’s comfortable to close myself off to the outside air of activities, ideas and thoughts, especially those contrary to my ruts.  I may be comfortable but my life stagnates and slowly begins to stink.

Recently I’ve been making a conscious effort to open myself up to outside air from the Lord, my wonderful wife, and other people.  The Lord is responding to that effort by bringing all kinds of fresh air through my life in the form of unique opportunities, new notions and constructive criticism.  It’s been a challenge at times but what a different it’s been making in my life.

Acts 2:1-2 NASB, “1 When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. 2 And suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent rushing wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.”  Holy Spirit, fill the whole house of my life.  Refresh and recirculate my activities, ideas and thoughts.  I open myself a fresh and anew to you today!


In 8th grade I had a leading role of Mad Dr. Roy in our middle school play, The Great Ghost Chase.  The gist of it was that the patients at an insane asylum took over, imprisoned the real staff, and began to impersonate the staff.  My character, Mad Dr. Roy, impersonated the head of the asylum, Dr. Roy.  My character took on a role he wasn’t meant or even able to fill.  The results were disastrous and quite comical.  The play consisted of the patients unraveling and the real staff regaining control of the asylum.

The Holy Spirit has a very important role to fill in our lives (John 16:8, 13-14 & 2 Cor 3:18 to name a few).  For me personally, it’s a temptation to impersonate not Mad Dr. Roy but Holy Spirit in my own life (fix my sin problems on my own, find my own truth, predict what’s ahead in my life, understand Jesus on my own, and try to be more like Jesus on my own).  I’m not meant to or able to do these things alone and when I try to the results disastrous and comical.

Recently, I’ve been making a conscious effort to give Holy Spirit opportunity and space to fill His role in my life and He has been like only He can!  He’s teaching me how to balance life between God, fiancée, church work, family, friends and myself.  Holy Spirit teaching and transforming me is much more effective than trying all on my own.  Also, I’m a very task oriented person and it’s hard for me to make time for people, especially when that requires halting a task.  When that has happened, His voice has calmed my frustration and directed me to make time for the person.  Again, I couldn’t effectively do that on my own.  I struggle with being kind to others at all times.  Holy Spirit has shown me a few different people being genuinely kind to others and brought conviction to my life.  He has also swelled my heart with God’s kindness for others and shown me that true kindness is based not in a self made concoction but in God’s heart and His heart flowing through me.  Holy Spirit fills His role in my life quite well.

I’m done impersonating Holy Spirit in my life.  He does a much better job of being Himself anyways!