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My dad and I drove into Subway after a relatively normal morning of hard lawn work last Thursday. While we devoured our subs the heavens opened and unleashed a torrential downpour. Luckily we had covered the equipment (in hopes of keeping water out of the temperamental engines).

Rainy view from Subway Window

By the time we finished our subs and got to our next lawn the rain had lessened to a cold drizzle. We uncovered the equipment. Dad jumped on the mower, turned the key and both out hearts sunk as it  gave a wet, I’m-not-starting, cough.

As Dad feverishly continued trying to crank it, I prayed in the back of my mind. The Lord nudged me to put my hand on the mower and pray. Faith and expectation swelled in my heart. In between cranks, I placed my hand and said a brief prayer that the mower would start in Jesus’ name. Then selfishly I thought if the mower started it would be a credit to my prayer. Dad gave it a crank and … Nothing.

I reminded myself in that moment that prayer is meant to bring glory to GOD and not ME (see Isaiah 42:8). Faith built in my heart again and this time Dad cranked and WROOM!!!  Dad commented later what an unusual thing it was for the engine to crank after being wet and not cranking.

Praise God, prayer works, even on dead lawn mowers.