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A few Wednesdays ago, it felt like my world was collapsing around me.  I had major issues to deal with in the youth group (some individuals in disappointingly destructive sin and the whole group shrinking in size) and at the same time major issues to grapple with personally in relationships and in my family.  My stress, frustration, disappointment, and ache felt palpable all around me.

Pretty much every Wednesday before service the youth and I spend up to an hour in prayer.  This particular Wednesday during prayer, I poured out my heart to God as best I could, which honestly end up being more of me just aching inside and barely mumbling, not able to articulate all the issues very well.  I did manage to ask the Lord how to deal with it all or at least how to start to deal with them.  The Lord strongly and yet tenderly spoke and His words echoed through my spirit, “The answer is my Presence.”

I wanted Him to tell me, “The answers are in my Presence”, meaning if I pushed (the old adage Pray Until Something Happens) and pressed in prayer I would find all the answers I needed.  But, that’s not what He said.  He told me the answer itself was His Presence.  Instead of looking for crystal clear answers or a ten step action plan on how to deal with my issues I needed to simply look to the Lord and be in His Presence.  From that place of relationship TOGETHER we can tackle any issues or situations together.

So, in prayer and for the rest of the evening I focused on simply being with Him in His Presence.  And, some of the issues simply worked themselves out.  I feel like the Lord worked them out on my behalf behind the scenes.  Other issues are still ongoing.  But, from this place of relationship we are tackling them together.

Paul Wilbur sings about the Presence of God.